Major Arcana

The Fool is inspired by the Pueblo Indian's sacred clown. He wears the mask of Coyote, the trickster. The path and boat signify the journey he is beginning.
Meaning: Whenever we begin a new endeavor or journey in life we have no idea of the actual outcome. The Fool is here to tell you to trust the journey, to realize our fears are fantasies and to enter the unknown with a playful sense of adventure.
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The Magician was inspired by the great poet and Sufi mystic Rumi, who was a great communicator with the divine whom he called the Beloved. The elements are represented on the tarot cards which he brings forth from the Great Mystery and circulates out toward us.
Meaning: The message of the Magician is that through focused energy we are able to harness the means to create our destiny.
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Isis's cloak of feathers suggests the magic of shapeshifting and the ability to fly to other realms. In her hand she holds this deck inviting you to receive divine guidance. 
Meaning: The High Priestess is the wise feminine archetype who initiates us and invites us to tap into our intuitive inner wisdom to create transformation in our lives.
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This gentle and elegant Japanese Empress walks hand in hand with her child in a flowering garden. The Bluebird of happiness perches above her head.
Meaning: The Empress represents the Great Mother who nurtures and provides. She is the queen of creation who rules through love and embraces all of life, her sensuous nature delights in beauty and art. In nurturing ourselves and others by giving and receiving love, abundance flows.
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This Roman Emperor holds out the plan for an aqueduct. He is a visionary leader. Great crowds have assembled to witness his new idea that brings progress. 
Meaning:The Emperor is the strong masculine archetype, he represent the father bringing structure and guidance. This is a card of empowerment. When we share our skills we are able to lead others to their own achievements.
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The Dalai Lama is the Hierophant, he teaches in front of a giant green Buddha. Green is the color of the heart chakra. Here is a leader who uses his status to spread a message of love, hope, compassion and acceptance. 
Meaning:The Hierophant represents a spiritual authority, a leader who guides and instructs. In our search to understand the meaning of life we need to open ourselves to spiritual teachings.
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The Lovers are entwined becoming one; a living, growing beautiful part of nature. The golden aspen leaves twirl down surrounding the lovers with vibrating energy. The eyes on the aspens signify the wisdom of nature: that this act is sacred, powerful and pure. The brilliant blue sky signifies the expansiveness of love.
Meaning: Love can inspire us to grow beyond our usual boundaries and become divine creators. Choose what to do with the energy created by the union of the Lovers
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The arrow points the way as the Charioteer sets his sight on his goal. His wreath tells us he will succeed. His breast plate is adorned with alchemical symbols. The Chariot has a heavenly canopy with seven stars. The sphinx and her shadow lead the way toward a golden future.
Meaning: The Chariot is a symbol for a journey of self discovery as well as worldly ambition.You are well on the way to achieving both; keep up momentum and remain balanced.
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In this card the woman adopts the posture of the lion. Instead of losing her power by lying on the ground, she becomes a sphinx meeting the lion eye to eye. 
Meaning: Strength is a card of courage, confidence and determination. There is integrity in facing our difficulties with open eyes; the ability to face our fear is transformative. 
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This Hermit is a curandero, a healer and wise woman. She stands at the entrance to a cave where she has been on a vision quest. The starkness of the desert landscape suggests a paring down of the outer world in order to travel deep within the psyche. The knots on aspen staff resemble eyes which symbolize the ability to see within and bring that knowledge into the world.
Meaning: The Hermit invites you to spend time alone and allow your inner wisdom to reveal itself. 
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This card is about expansion; with every turn of the wheel we move closer to achieving our goals. 
All points on the wheel have value. Moving through the deep waters of challenges, we evolve into a more enlightened state. The mermaid dives down deep into the emotions as the angel rises into the clear blue sky; they are connected by a green heart of love.The flower mandala spins outward in a burst of life energy.
Meaning: There is treasure at the bottom of the ocean of our emotions; things will evolve. If we flow with the turning of the wheel, good fortune comes back around.
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A statue of the Greek Goddess Themis stands visibly holding scales. She also holds a sword pointing down behind her. This depiction of her is more about wisdom and balance than punishment. The white palette suggests purity of heart. Justice teaches us to act in the best way for ourselves, others and the planet.
Meaning: Every action has a reaction. Carefully weigh the outcome to make sure you achieve balance, before acting. Be true to yourself.
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The Hanged Man is in the yoga tree pose, upside down. Do you remember hanging upside down as a kid; how different everything looked? It was like being in a strange new world. The Hanged Man does just that: he sees things in a new way. Even though he is backlit by a glowing full moon he is traveling deep into space towards a distant star which ignites his heart. At his third eye is a new moon, a symbol of potential. The full moon halo symbolizes transcendence.
Meaning: Often our thinking gets in a rut and we need to do something to gain a new perspective.The Hanged Man tells you to look at life from a different angle.
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Hearing about near death experiences, one often hears about traveling through a tunnel toward the light. The tunnel in this card is a matrix formed by interconnected cells leading to a perfect orb of brilliant light. The dancing skeleton holds a key which indicates unlocking the greatest of all mysteries. The joyful skeleton shows that the possibility of something even better exists.
Meaning: This card does not necessarily mean a physical death, but rather the death of something that needs to end. Open yourself to new possibilities.
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The woman pours water and wine onto hot coals. An angel appears in the steam. Often Archangel Michael has peacock wings. In this card it is the women’s skirt that is made of peacock feathers. This card is about combining both the shadow and light to create something magnificent. 
Meaning:Temperance is a card of art, alchemy and balance. Using opposing elements transformation happens and something greater is created.
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The Devil’s erect phallus evokes strong feelings of that which is forbidden. Sexuality has long been demonized. Both figures hide their faces in shame unable to face their inner demons. Their feet are claws holding on to that which does not serve them.The shadows in this card are also the Buddha; the wise teacher. 
Meaning:The lesson is that if we sit with our shadow the realization will come that we can throw off the hold of our inner demons and rise. Enormous energy will be released and darkness will become light.
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As the Tower crumbles away, the blocks below suggest something new can be built. Shiva, the God of destruction sits in the Tower and is illuminated by a flash of lightning. Shiva tells us that change will bring release from habitual patterns that no longer serve us. Startled ravens fly out of the Tower,  a woman journeys on the back of one freed from old constraints. 
Meaning: Old structures fall down bringing release from things that no longer work for us.
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In Egypt the rains arrive when Sirius shines in the night sky, bringing fertility to the land. In this card, Nut – the Egyptian Sky Goddess brings rain to the Nile over her daughter Isis’ temple at Philae. 
Meaning: The Star brings a time of renewal and inspiration with the outcome of success. This is the time to be recognized for your inner light and achievements.
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The water lilies blooming under a new moon are really the top of two columns that appear in the High Priestess card as well. They are a portal into initiation. Is the full moon a reflection or an illusion, just an empty bubble of air? The woman dives into the deep, dark water; searching for answers; there are lessons to learn in the depths. A new moon promises that renewal is always possible.  
Meaning:The Moon is the card of mystery and intuition; the push and pull of the tides of emotions.
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There is a huge amount of energy that has been absorbed from the sun into the sunflowers. It is a major accomplishment to grow from a seed to a six-foot tall plant in one season. The sunflower nourishes the birds and animals as well as regenerating life by giving its seeds back to the earth. In the center of the sunflowers is the spiral of the golden mean, the miracle of nature. The silhouetted woman stands with her hands cupping the sun’s brilliance reminiscent of Isis.  
Meaning: The Sun is here to tell us to be the best we can be and share that with others. Be confident about your talents and radiate them out into the world.
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Here you witness several scenes taking place in the Cathedral in Sienna, Italy. The man in the background kneels praying to the Archangels. Does he fear them or is he bowing to their beauty and grace? To the innocent child twirling in a beam of sunlight there is no elaborate morality, just the purity of the moment connected to all that is. Under the child's feet spins the Wheel of Fortune. Standing above a mosaic Sibyl,a woman experiences the power of the oracle.
Meaning: Judgement is really a card about awakening to the truth. What we believe is what we receive. Judgement asks you to look at your beliefs and decide if they work for you.
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The ancient philosophers and alchemists described the world as a living spiritual being and referred to it as Anima Mundi; the soul of the world. In this tarot card Anima Mundi is surrounded by the constellations of Leo, Aquila and Taurus. The angel represents the great mystery. Anima Mundi stands with one foot on earth, one on water with her head in the stars. She wears a wreath of triumph. Anima Mundi is a woman who might come from any continent. She represents the origin of life with the sun radiating from her womb. Her breasts are the full and new moons.
Meaning: The World is the culmination of the Tarot archetypal journey; it speaks of wholeness and numinous revelation.The World shows you that you are connected to all that is.
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