People often ask me how tarot works for me. It is a mysterious thing that I really cannot explain except to say that it is synchroncity that is the proof. Here is an example. I just received a bundle of letters written by my late mother to my step father before she left South Africa to marry and live with him in Spain. I was fourteen at the time and remained behind in boarding school with weekends spent at my fathers house. For decades I have carried a deep wound of abandonment. As I began reading the letters I had a full on panic attack; heart thumping thinking I was dying. When I recovered, I decided to pull a tarot card. As I shuffled my deck, a card literally flew out of the pile - it was the Three of Wands. The woman in the card is my mother watching over me from the spiritual plane. Reading through the entire bundle it became obvious that my mother and step father were deeply in love, that they were meant to be together. I read that I had told her I wanted her happiness. In a way I had given her permission something I had forgotten. Reading her words my mother came alive for me again, and I saw her love and concern for me. A great healing happened and there watching it all was this card... her.