I pulled the Tower card last Friday as my weekly draw, the day my beloved father died. He had been declining for a while and even though he lived a long, good life I was overcome by grief, struggling to make sense of life and death. On Monday night I went to Shivaratri - an all night celebration of the Hindu God of destruction. It was one of those sacred synchronicities as Shiva sits in my Tower card. I felt as if I had been cracked open by that bolt of lightning, a new understanding of the power of the tarot raining down on me. The Tower marks the destruction of something that needs to end and through it there is a release. My father had been an athlete, a world class tennis player. He had played tennis and golf until his eightieth year. But slowly as his body wound down he became immobile. How hard that must have been for him trapped in a body that could no longer move. Death released him from the structure that had worn out. The Tower came as a lesson to me, all things will eventually crumble and return to the dust; painful as that is, it is part of life. I honor the Tower that my father had been as I think of what I will create from the fallen blocks.

A video on the Tower: