Here comes THE SUN again

The Sun in my tarot deck is a pivotal card for me. It is featured on my deck box. When I first found out that it is my birth card I was going through a transition from a rather shy woman who longed to get her art out of the studio into the world. I lacked confidence in selling myself and was defeated by the slightest rejection. Our birth cards often depict the archetype we need to become to be wholly ourselves. It represents issues we are working on. I wanted to radiate my talent and skills out into the world to benefit others but I had no idea how to do that. I had been surrounded by people who taught that humility was an admirable quality. To be self deprecating was more acceptable than self pride. My light remained hidden for years. 

These past six years working on creating the deck and most recently in promoting it, I have learned how to project my best self. When I painted The Sun card I thought about how the sunflower reaches for the sun, it has no shame in being magnificent. Through this striving for the light it benefits so many. Likewise when we strive to be the best we can be, we do infact benefit others. The woman cupping the sun acknowledges her connection to the divine. Even though she is represented as a silhouette she knows she is part of the whole both in her shining side and in the shadow she casts. She becomes Isis - the black madonna with the sun as her crown.

Here is a short video I made about the Sun on the winter solstice: