Nine of Swords

Whew! When I picked this card to paint I had a feeling of trepidation. Things were going well but I have learnt as I paint the tarot things re-arrange themselves so I live the card. And sure enough things began to fall apart. Well at least they appeared to. All my anxieties piled up until the final straw when I ripped my face open on a stick, feeling like I was pierced by a sword. I felt so fragile, so vulnerable. But then as I painted I realized that most of my troubles were not so bad - that I was influenced by the illusion of disaster. How lucky I was that the stick had missed my eye by a quarter of an inch, and how most of my troubles were just a temporary shadow. The Nine of Swords is about what keeps us awake at night - how we worry about all kinds of things that will most probably resolve themselves. My face is healing well and I am very happy to say the next card is The Ten of Cups: good times ahead!