Brigid - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Brigid is the Irish Goddess of inspiration, poetry, the arts, divination, healing and fire. The old celtic Goddess merged with Saint Brigid and they share the feast day on February 1st as both Candlemas, and Imbolc - a pagan cross quarter day. Both Goddess Brigid and Saint Brigid are worshipped at Kildare, where 19 nuns attend the perpetual flame that burns at the convent where Saint Brigid was the abbess around the year 520. The sacred well of Kildare is said to be a source of wisdom and healing. 

Many years ago I attended a ceremony on Imbolc, where we each lit a candle from one that had been ignited at the perpetual flame in Kildare. This candle of mine was charged with the power of Bigid. For years now, I have spread that charge to new candles for myself and others, spreading the inspiration of Brigid. 

Brigid has been an important Goddess for me and has appeared in many visual journals and paintings.

Tarot de St. Croix

Brigid appears in my tarot deck as the Six of Wands. The meaning is: Through the ability to inspire others there is a mutual opening to the divine essence of creativity.

Brigid speaks to you in Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action, saying:

Come Close to my flame
Warm yourself at my hearth
Feel the spark of inspiration
Igniting your creativity
Look deep into my waters
For prophesy and healing
I spread my green mantle over you
For health and fertility
For the quickening of the land
For protection of the new

The Action is:

Feel the spark of inspiration
Ignite your creativity

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Diana - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Diana is the Roman Goddess of nature, hunting and the crescent moon. She has the power to talk to and control wild animals. She is an archer, accompanied by her beloved hounds. Diana is a virgin Goddess unmarried and whole unto herself. Diana protects and aids childbirth. Diana is known as the Queen of the witches, in particular, the Dianic Cults.

Diana gives this oracle: Meet me in the wild outdoors, I am Diana of the sacred woods, Goddess of nature, independent and free. I will teach you to talk to animals, communicate with the moon. Aim your sight at the splendor of the world around you. Gather your energy like the bent bow. Fly fast and free toward your goal.  

The key word: Determination

The action: Focus on what you want, use your energy to retrieve it

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Ganga - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Ganga is both the holy river in India and the Goddess that personifies it. Every year millions of pilgrims make the journey to bathe in her purifying waters. Floating funeral pyres are released into the waters of Ganga who, it is believed, liberates one from the cycle of life and death. Ganga is a living temple. Not only does Ganga give spiritual sustenance but she also provides water and food for millions of people in India.

In 2015 I went to study sacred painting at the headwaters of the river Ganga in Haridwar. Our painting studio on the roof of Johari house overlooked the Ganges. As we painted we could hear chanting from the temple across the river. In the evening we went down to the banks to received puja at the daily sunset ritual of Arti. 

Painting on the roof of Johari House on the banks of Ganga

On my return, the first painting I made using the layered watercolor wash technique I learnt in India was Ganga. It is metaphorical as I depict Ganga holding many babies of every race. She is indeed the Goddess that birthed the idea for creating my Invoking the Goddess deck. JAI MA GANGA.

Ganga speaks to you in an oracle: Falling from heaven, my waters converge into the mighty Ganges, linking divinity, nature and humanity. Drink my life-giving nectar, bathe in my sacred river. One drop of my holy water cleanses you of sin, purifies body and soul, liberates you.

The Action to incorporate into your life is Purify. Soak in the healing embrace of water. Release tension, worries, and transgressions. 

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Ixcacao - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

I have to admit I took a chance in creating this card for my deck Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action. Ixcacao is not the name of an actual Goddess but being the lover of chocolate, one who worships the divine nectar, I decided to include her. Who is to say anyway, when a Goddess was invented and where the name came from? Someone came up with the idea and it took on life and gained a following. Please forgive my hubris but I think it's time for us to birth this Goddess. I know there are millions of worshipers out there!

There is evidence of Cacao deities, in Central America such as this one from the Museo Popol Vuh in Guatemala. This statue dates to the Late Classic/early Post Classic Mesoamerican timeline. The cacao pods are a very specific type of cacao that Mesoamericans highly prized. You can see that I used it as a model for my depiction with the cacao pods hanging around the body and the pot that probably held cacao elixir on the head. I did make my version a lot sweeter though - I like a little sugar in my chocolate.

Museo Popol Vuh in Guatemala

The oracle of Ixcacao says: "I am Earth Woman, abundant and fertile. Goddess of the Cacao tree. Cacao Woman, Chocolate Goddess. Savor my rich deliciousness, banish hunger, feel your heart expand, your energy rise. Luxuriate in the senses". The key word is Treat, and the action is to give yourself the gift of pleasure. Life can be sweet.

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Green Tara - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Green Tara is the Buddhist female bodhisattva - the Goddess of compassion in action. Green Tara helps us overcome fear and anxiety, she moves us away from danger to safety, from suffering to happiness. She sits on a lotus with one leg extended, ready to rush to our aid. Green Tara holds in her hand a blue lotus, a symbol of power and purity, her other hand makes the mudra of granting requests. By reciting Green Tara's mantra OM TARA TU TARE TURE SOHA we not only receive her blessing and protection, we benefit all beings.

In 2004 I received a Green Tara initiation at the Zuni Mountain Stupa by Tulku Orgyen. It was a profound moment in my life that has benefited me greatly. I made this visual journal entry shortly after receiving the initiation. On the lower right is a note from Tulku acknowledging my connection with Green Tara. 

Many a time over the years I have recited Green Tara's mantra which relieves my fear and calms me. Tulku Orgyen blessed a pendant of Green Tara that I wear when I need Green Tara's protection. Recently when I was creating my Goddess deck I received some upsetting news that threw me into a panic attack. When I was able to get up off the floor, I put on the pendant which hangs at the level of my heart, the green chakra and began to recite the mantra over and over. Within minutes I felt a profound calm, and was able to think clearly. 

In my deck: Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action, Green Tara speaks to you saying "Call on me with heartfelt devotion OM TARA TU TARA TURE SOHA I am compassion in action. I rush to your aid ready to deliver you from danger, fear and anxiety. Releasing suffering, removing obstacles. I am the Mother of liberation. Enlightenment in female form. I grant your supplication." Green Tara directs you to open your heart in loving kindness, to take compassionate action for the best possible outcome.

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 Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Yemaya also known as Yemoja, is the African Goddess of water, oceans, rivers and springs. The name Yemaya literally means Mother Goddess whose children are fish. Yemaya originated in West Africa as a Yoruba Orisha, a motherly deity who protects and aids women's mysteries - conception, childbirth and parenting. She was transported to to the west with slaves and is worshipped today in Cuban Santeria as the mother of all living things, ruler of the ocean and in Brasil Candomble as the patron of fishermen, mother of creation and moonlight. Yemaya represents the collective unconscious and the dreamworld. 

When I first began to do shamanic journeying I would travel down the roots of a tree to a cave with water in it. In the water I would see the reflection of an African woman. I believed it was a merging of the two loving nannies who raised me in South Africa. Over time I began to see her as the Goddess Yemaya. I recorded my encounters with Yemaya in my visual journals.

Eventually I made a large oil painting of me lying on Yemaya's lap. At the top of the painting is a pansy shell (the name in South Africa of a sand dollar). I had spent many a day as a child, catching them with my nanny. Cowrie shells are traditionally the representation of Yemaya's wealth. I took the name Yemaya in my Reiki certification.

In my deck: Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action, Yemaya speaks to you saying "Come bathe in my waters. I am the Mother of all living springs, rivers, oceans. Bring me offerings, my children. I will comfort, protect, and nourish you. Tell me your secrets. I am the great collective unconscious, ready to share ancient wisdom."  Yemaya directs you to flow, to follow your instincts, the collective unconscious guides.

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Third Edition of de St. Croix Lenormand

The third edition of de St. Croix Lenormand is here. In this latest edition, I have added an extra man and woman to the deck to be to be inclusive of all love relationships.This contemporary look at Lenormand, which originated in Europe over two hundred year ago, offers answers and insight. The four cartomancy symbols at the bottom right can answer yes no questions. I use the deck for a weekly reading and a daily reading. In the weekly reading I pick three cards and make an oracular sentence for myself. The daily card is usually what my day will look like. At the end of the week and day, I check in and I have to say this little deck is astoundingly accurate. 

The 38 medium weight cards have a lovely matte finish over the vibrant colors, more true in look and feel to the original watercolors. The deck is housed in a clear box. A list of meanings are printed on cards. The deck is $33 visit this link to purchase.

Review of Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action by Benebell Wen

I am delighted by this interview by Benebell Wen:

Invoking the Goddess: Oracle and Action by Lisa de St. Croix

Goddess oracle decks have been enjoying a resurgence in popularity as of late, coinciding with what feels like a global, collective acknowledgement of the divine feminine. Some of them have missed the mark, with cries from the community about cultural appropriation [also watch here and another here] but Invoking the Goddess is one done right, and as powerful as it is beautiful, a model to be followed.
Lisa de St. Croix, metaphysical artist and creator of the Tarot de St. Croix, which I’ve reviewed before here, has given us the Invoking the Goddess: Oracle and Action, which she self-published this year and are now available for purchase here on the shop page of her website. 
Invoking the Goddess is a circle oracle deck consisting of 33 cards. The watercolor paintings were done by Lisa through a special layered wash technique, which is what gives these works of art their vibrancy. You can check out the original 8″ x 8″ watercolor paintings here on her website. 
The oracle cards are double-sided, so the way I work with them is by closing my eyes while I shuffle, and pulling a card without looking.
This isn’t one of those decks where you set a spread of 20 cards or sling it out into a Celtic Cross, no. The energy of the deck is palpable, and all you need is to draw one.
Hold the deck in both palms, close your eyes, shuffle, and as you shuffle, visualize your question converting to energy and push that energy out your hands and into the cards.
When you feel ready, pull a card, open your eyes, and connect to the imagery of the goddess.
The diverse representation of multiple pantheons and traditions is beautifully and reverently done. On the text side of each card, one key symbol associated with the goddess is pictured, along with a call to action, addressed to you, straight from that goddess.
There’s a raw spirit to the art on this deck, and I love how natural it feels. A lot of the goddess oracle decks on the market right now rely heavily on digital photo editing, high production, and digital manipulation. So I’m deeply appreciative of the natural beauty here.
Although the deck does not come with a guidebook, you don’t need one. Everything you need is printed right there on the text side of the cards.
The bold coloring and the circular card shape that reminds me of chakra wheels does something to my consciousness when I work with this deck.
Combining artistry and metaphysical knowledge, Lisa de St. Croix has really calibrated this deck for goddess invocation. It’s quite impressive.
Among cartomancers, circle decks can be contentious. Some love them and others turn their noses up at the thought of them. For me, it depends. They can feel more novelty than practical if it’s a tarot deck, but here for the Invoking the Goddess, once I’ve seen it as a circle deck, I can’t imagine it any other way. This deck had to be made this way. It’s perfect for the concept.
The circle cards come to life in your hand. It’s got its own unique energetic imprint, and you almost can’t deny that it’s there. Whereas some of the more commercialized and high-production-value goddess oracle decks that I’ve handled don’t come to life in your hands with that kind of energy.
If you’ve been wondering how you can integrate your spirituality into your everyday life, get Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action.
The divine call to action on each card gives you a starting point that guides your state of mind and spiritual practice.
You can hear the voice of Spirit through the poetic verses on the cards, which also help to introduce you to the energies and powers associated with that particular goddess.
For professional tarot readers, pulling a single card from Invoking the Goddess to round out a reading session gives your client a sense of divine protection, and also a direction of spiritual practice to go in.
So much guidance is offered in these cards. They add that deepened layer of meaning and divine connection to a divinatory reading.
The cardstock is very thin. I’m guessing around 300 to 330 gsm. I would have preferred a much heavier cardstock for a goddess oracle guidance deck, even going up to 400 gsm, but that’s a personal preference. Some may prefer the thinner cardstock for easier shuffling.
Oh, and the cards come in a circle-shaped box! That’s so cool! They’re just the most beautiful deck of cards to keep out on a coffee table or to the side of your work space.
I’ve been pulling cards for friends and family from the Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action by Lisa de St. Croix and everyone has remarked about how resonant readings with the deck is. There’s a nurturing energy to Invoking the Goddess, a soft yet powerful presence, and it feels maternal. Absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend that you take a closer look at this deck and consider it for your collection.

Buy Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action.