Many of the stories of how I was inspired to paint Tarot de St. Croix, my history with Tarot and my beliefs around Tarot are explored in this hour long interview with Beth Wright on Spirit Works.
 Access to the free program available at this link: Divining through Art with Lisa de St. Croix


Today marks the cross quarter day midway between the solstice and equinox. Here in the northern hemisphere it is a time of fecundity. Summer rains here in northern New Mexico have brought life back to the desert: wildflowers carpet the the sandy soil, trees are laden with fruit, seeds explode in the breeze and best of all our rivers are running again. 

At this time of first harvest, the Queen of Pentacles comes as a messenger to tell you that there is plenty for all. The Queen of Pentacles is the sensuous embodiment of abundance. This card indicates a time of sharing the gifts of the land. Generosity nurtures both the giver and receiver.

In this card we see Queen Sheba carried on a golden palanquin by two virile men. She is surrounded by the riches of the earth: ripe fruit, fragrant flowers and abundant herbs. 


The Empress represents the great mother - she nurtures and provides. She rules through love and embraces all of life. The Empress's sensuous nature loves beauty and art. She creates harmony between spirit and matter. She is the Queen of creation.

This gentle and elegant Japanese Empress walks hand in hand with her child in a flowering garden. On the Empress’s kimono are cranes which symbolize abundance through good fortune and longevity. The child has sunbursts on her kimono; she thrives under her mother’s care. The blossoms symbolize fertility and growth.

Meaning: If we open ourselves to what we need and give and receive love, abundance will flow.


The Three of Swords is a difficult card - the usual meaning is betrayal - a heartbreak of some sort. But in this card there is also forgiveness and healing. See the middle sword is actually a needle that is mending the broken heart with gold thread. In Japan there is a beautiful tradition of Wabi Sabi where broken pottery is mended with gold leaf - the renewed vessel is exquisite and far more interesting than before. As Lenord Cohen says "There is a crack in everything- that is how the light gets in".

When this card appears - do not despair - it may well be telling you that it is time to see beauty in the healing of a broken heart. Time to move on and forgive and let the light shine again.


Yule is the celebration of the winter Solstice. So many holidays are celebrated at this time, but the simple acknowledgment of the return of lengthening daylight is a reason to gather with family and loved ones on this longest night. 

The Ten of Cups is a card of appreciation, gratitude and emotional contentment. Savor the moments of connection with others with lightheartedness. Cheers!

TEMPERANCE - The alchemical card.

Just as we in the Northern Hemisphere move into the season of root work, the Southern Hemisphere is blossoming on this Equinox day. At the fulcrum is balanced light everywhere! Temperance in the Tarot is an alchemical card that describes how we might harness the energies of opposing forces to bring balance back into our own lives and into the world around us. As we do our inner work, so is the outer world changed, bringing about a stable environment. Use this day wisely, collectively we can make gold. 


People often ask me how tarot works for me. It is a mysterious thing that I really cannot explain except to say that it is synchroncity that is the proof. Here is an example. I just received a bundle of letters written by my late mother to my step father before she left South Africa to marry and live with him in Spain. I was fourteen at the time and remained behind in boarding school with weekends spent at my fathers house. For decades I have carried a deep wound of abandonment. As I began reading the letters I had a full on panic attack; heart thumping thinking I was dying. When I recovered, I decided to pull a tarot card. As I shuffled my deck, a card literally flew out of the pile - it was the Three of Wands. The woman in the card is my mother watching over me from the spiritual plane. Reading through the entire bundle it became obvious that my mother and step father were deeply in love, that they were meant to be together. I read that I had told her I wanted her happiness. In a way I had given her permission something I had forgotten. Reading her words my mother came alive for me again, and I saw her love and concern for me. A great healing happened and there watching it all was this card... her.

Eclipsed Moon

On this full moon eclipse day, there is extra strong energy from the moon. This a good day to contemplate what is an illusion in your life and what is worth aiming for? Harness the power of this time by letting go of what no longer serves you, and pulling in energy to move forward.

I find unedited journal writing and art making, can really sort through the mysterious workings of our minds. For a creative way of "Calling Down The Moon"  - check out my eWorkshop at this link:

Fish - de St. Croix Lenormand

Fish in Lenormand stands for abundance, flow, sensitivity and income.

A week before leaving for The Readers Studio in New York, the worlds largest conference of Tarot readers, where I was to present my recently published Lenormand deck for the first time, I discovered the Fish card was mistitled Book. I was bereft, but thought I might just try reprinting the Fish card. In four days, to my astonishment and delight, Printers Studio delivered the corrected Fish card. 

I left for New York with my suitcase filled with decks and I was thrilled to sell out. What was surprising is that everyone wanted both Fish cards (the correct one and the Fish with the Book title) - apparently it is considered a collectors item. Now, some of the leading tarot/lenormand readers are now using my little deck. Being a Pisces I have always considered fish as good luck.


The World card in tarot is the culmination of the archetypal journey of the soul. We come into wholeness when we are self-realized, when we understand our divine origin and are at one with the world.

Plato says: This world is indeed a loving being, endowed with a soul and intelligence... a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related.

The 15th century alchemists also believed the world was a living soul and named it Anima Mundi. In alchemy the miracle of self-realization is the harmonious union of earthly and heavenly truth. This was called squaring the circle.

In my World card Anima Mundi has one foot on the earth, one on the water, with the sun shining from her womb and the new and full moon at her breasts. Four creatures, elements, constellations form a square around Anima Mundi. The eagle - water - Aquila represents emotional mastery and resurrection from death. The lion - fire - Leo is spirit and creation. The bull - earth -  Taurus gives substance, stability and perseverance and the angel is truth, knowledge and ideal relationship.

Today on Earth day, we need to identify ourselves with the World, to see how we are linked. Our own well being is dependent on the well being of this World we are part of.


de St. Croix Lenormand

I have been hard at work the past nine months creating the de St. Croix Lenormand deck. I have just self published a small first edition of 100 decks - April 2017. The cards are bridge size 2.25" x 3.5" on glossy card stock. They come with an instructional sheet in a tuck box.

The Lenormand is a two hundred year old divination system that comes from Europe. The original deck came from the German Game of Hope, created by Johann Kaspar Hechtel in 1799. The deck became associated and named after Madam Lenormand who was famous diviner in France in the the early 1800's reading for Empress Josephine (Napoleon's wife) as well as other important people. Lenormand decks are gaining popularity with Tarot readers and deck creators.

The thirty six symbols are easy to understand and can answer questions.  I used Carrie Paris' The Lenormand Revolution deck and later her Sirens' Song Lenormand to divine which card to paint. I used a watercolor technique I learn in India at a Sacred Painting course at the Johari House in 2015. As I worked on the cards I once again experienced numinous synchronicity. The image I was painting aligning with events in my life. I will be sharing these stories in later blog posts.


From time to time I am surprised by seeing a coyote just around the corner from my urban home. At first I always think it is a dog, but then it's bushy tail and narrow snout identify it. I feel the delight of seeing something wild in the city, a reminder that all is not controlled. 

Coyote is the trickster teaching us about the veil of illusion. Here in my Fool card there are several levels of trickery. Playing the Fool is an opportunity to shift reality. The Fool does not follow rules, instead follows a different path. The Fool tells you to laugh at yourself and to trust the journey.
Benebell Wen wrote this fabulous review of my deck. She really understands my motivation and message. Here is an excerpt: "The card imagery feels like channeled visions. You get the sense that while the work is that of the artist, the idea was implanted into her from the great beyond. You feel as if you are catching glimpses into other worlds and multiverses, and given universal depictions for each of the 78 ideas revealed by the tarot."

The Tarot de St. Croix by Lisa de St. Croix

The Tarot de St. Croix was first published in 2014, distributed by Devera Publishing, and a second edition has just come out this year, which you can now order direct from the artist and creator, here.
The deck pictured in these photographs is the 2014 version produced by Devera Publishing. It comes in a beautiful full-lid lift top glossy box of high quality and the cardstock quality is great. Love that the accompanying guidebook fits inside the box and contains a wealth of tarot card meaning insights, many that would add to your compendium of tarot knowledge. The guidebook here is not just a rehash of the same old card meanings. There is a lot here specific to the symbolism on the deck and how that symbolism and manifestation exemplifies the traditional card meaning.
When left to my own devices, I’m not a very colorful person. Orange is usually too bright for me. However, the color orange stimulates the sacral chakra, the source of your personal vitality. A strong sacral chakra means strong personal vitality, which can be used to heal yourself and to heal others. I also tend to associate the sacral chakra with shamanic journeying. These themes come together harmoniously in the Tarot de St. Croix, and enables the deck for powerful healing work. When using tarot for healing, both emotional and psychic healing, reach for the Tarot de St. Croix.
The Hermit with its Virgo correspondence has always had a soft, feminine, wise-woman vibe to me, and I love that the imagery for Key IX in this deck captures that imagining perfectly. I love the mermaid and angel coming together in the Wheel of Fortune, or how the Death card is a skeleton floating toward the Light, through the spiritual tunnel.
Earlier I remarked how the companion guidebook for this deck isn’t just a rehash of trite tarot card meanings. Here I’ll give you an example. The Sun card in the deck is dominant with sunflower symbolism. Per the companion guidebook, sunflower symbolism is about receiving light, growing, and then manifesting fruition, to in turn give life back and nourish future life. You take from the light to nourish yourself so that you can grow and later return the favor and nourish others, to continue that cycle of life. Thus, The Sun card is about radiating our self-confidence and talents out into the world at large. I love that meaning for The Sun.
The card imagery feels like channeled visions. You get the sense that while the work is that of the artist, the idea was implanted into her from the great beyond. You feel as if you are catching glimpses into other worlds and multiverses, and given universal depictions for each of the 78 ideas revealed by the tarot.
I love the inclusion of all cultures, the mysticism from many heritages, and how easily and effortlessly you can tell stories as divination to a seeker when using the Tarot de St. Croix. If you are visual-oriented or right-brained, creative or artsy, you are going to love reading with this deck.
It also feels like an incredible deck for pathworking. You get the sense of astral travel here, where the deck creator has gone beyond, observed what is reality but not reality, and has come back to reveal to us those observations, through her incredible art.
By the way, I love the tea leaf reading metaphor for the Seven of Cups. Or the mime juggling the swords under a waning crescent moon for the Seven of Swords. For those familiar with the 78 card meanings in the Rider-Waite-Smith system, take your time to go through each card imagery and study this artist’s interpretation of that card. It’s just incredible. Card after card, you accumulate this realization that you’re looking at brilliance. There is a deeply spiritual and mystical dimension to the Tarot de St. Croix that I, sadly, find lacking in so many contemporary decks.
The card backs are reversible, again with the orange border, and here we see just this incredible glimpse into a different dimension or galaxy, slightly reminiscent of the dark and light pillars you find in the classic High Priestess card.
The Tarot de St. Croix is a brilliant blend of old world and modern mythology, seamlessly weaving together the many cultures and heritages of our world, to present a united mosaic of spirituality that transcends both time and space. It’s an ideal deck for personal healing and for readers to use in psychic healing or energy clearings for their clients. If you’re working through shamanic journeying practices with the tarot from my Tarot as a Tool for Craft online course, I’d say the Tarot de St. Croix is one of those perfect decks to use for that particular practice.
There’s loads of information both about the artist Lisa de St. Croix and her tarot deck over on her website, linked here, so be sure to check it out.


Synchronistically I pulled Justice as my tarot card of the day as I celebrate the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejection of the travel ban which wants to bar citizens from seven Muslim countries and refugees from entering USA. A just world is a fair world. Things naturally want to come back into balance, just as the scales will return to their rightful place. 


Imbolc is the holiday celebrating the cross quarter day that falls halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox. I'mbolg is an old Gaelic word meaning in the belly. This day is also sacred to Brigid - the Celtic Triple Goddess of creativity who ignites the flames of inspiration. Candlemas is the catholic version of this holiday where the year's candles are blessed.
 In my Six of Wands tarot card Brigid is portrayed as a mother with a babe in the belly, a maiden and crone holding lit candles. Three people of different ages light their own candles from those of the triple Goddess. The candles become wands and the flame is the symbol for creative inspiration. The meaning of Six of Wands: Through the ability to inspire others; there is a mutual opening to the divine essence of creativity.
Many years ago I participated in a ceremony conducted on Imbolc where we lit a candle from one which had been charged in Kildaire - the convent in Ireland that is dedicated to Brigid, where her sacred fire has burnt for thousands of years predating christianity. I have relit several other candles from the charged ones - each time a new wave of inspiration ignites in my life.



After selling out the first edition of Tarot de St. Croix I decided to self publish the second edition myself which recently arrived at my studio. The new edition is excellent quality; the 78 card deck is finely printed with crisp details and rich color. The 100 page booklet of meanings has color images, tarot spreads and my personal story of how tarot came into my life. The sturdy lidded box has some improvements with more images. Creating this tarot deck opened so many doors for me and has given me the opportunity to share my art and messages across the world. You can purchase it here


In tarot, 2017 is the year of the Wheel of Fortune. In my deck Tarot de St. Croix, the Wheel of Fortune shows that through moving through the deep waters of challenges, we evolve into a more enlightened state. Every turn of the wheel moves us closer to our goals, all experiences have value if we can hold our center.

We also, all have a personal year tarot card. In order to formulate your year card; add your day of birth, birth month and 2017. For example, my birthday is March 9th: 3 + 9 + 2017 = 2029, then add those numbers  2 + 0 + 2 + 9 = 13, so my year card will be XIII DEATH (no worries, just something will end that needs to.)  Any number larger than 22 should be added again, 22 will be the Fool. 


Winter Solstice is the turning of the wheel, known as Yule; a sacred day when the sun stops moving South and then begins it's journey back, bringing increasing daylight. The Sun in tarot is a card of optimism, a celebration of life. The Sun encourages us to grow toward the light and be the best we can be. The Wheel of Fortune takes us through many experiences, but with each rotation we learn something. If we can hold the still center point in our evolution, we will blossom. The Magician uses the power of the Sun and the Wheel to create, manifesting Divine work on the earthly plane. These three cards form a constellation through numerology. The Sun is number 19, when you add 1+ 9 you get the number of The Wheel of Fortune 10, adding 1+ 0 you arrive at the Magician number. Today harness the power of the Solstice Sun to manifest your desires.


The Goddess Epona arrives at a crossroads lit by four burning wands. In the distance are standing stones where ceremonies took place. The full moon beckons and symbolizes the power and mystery of nature. Epona, the Celtic horse Goddess was worshipped throughout Europe. Irish Kings were symbolically mated with her.  
December 18th is Epona's Feast day - the only Celtic Deity to be included in the Roman Calendar. 
Meaning: Find your power through creating ritual and sacred space.


Today - the 12th of December is Guadalupe's Feast Day.  The Sactuario de Gaudalupe in Santa Fe is the oldest church in the US dedicated to her. In this card migrant laborers wait patiently to be hired for the day; there is always a palpable desperation about these men, yet they choose to wait near this beautiful statue of the Mother. If times are hard we can always seek sanctuary in belief that there is something larger watching over us.