Sacred Union Oracle - Thoth and Seshat

Thoth and Seshat
Inscribers of knowledge 
Weavers of spells
Creators of science and magic
Awaken the meeting of minds
Ideas shared 
Enchanting and wise

Conjure the magic of words
Use writing to express your love

Thoth and Seshat, are father/daughter companions from the Egyptian pantheon. 

Thoth is the Ibis headed God of reckoning, wisdom and learning. God of the moon, Thoth is a magician, giver of divine words and spells. It was Thoth who gave Isis the words that resurrected Osiris. Thoth bestows knowledge, law, science, philosophy and writing to humans. 

Seshat, Thoth's female counterpart is a scribe, keeper of books and libraries. She is the Goddess of architecture, astronomy, mathematics and surveying. Seshat symbol is the seven pointed emblem above her head, she wears a leopard hide and carries a notched stem that marks the passage of time. 

Sacred Union is a work in progress. I hope to publish the deck in 2022.