Radha Krishna
by Lisa de St. Croix


We are two parts of one soul

I, Krishna, enchant the world

But only Radha enchants Krishna

Fulfilling desires

Bringing pleasure

Creating Bliss



Engage in divine play

Bringing blissful union

Fulfill desires by acts of devotion

Radha-Krishna are the feminine and masculine form of God in Hinduism. Krishna split into two, for the attainment of bliss. 

Radha, the Supreme Goddess embodies pure love, devotion and spiritual bliss. Her merciful nature is a path to the divine. Radha's longing and love for Krishna is a symbol for the human quest for spiritual growth and union with God. 

Krishna, a major Deity in India, is the God of love, tenderness, compassion and protection. Krishna is potent pleasure and is only satiated by devotion. 

Radha-Krishna has been worshipped in India from the first millennium BC, and since the 1960's Krishna Consciousness has spread to the Western World and Africa.

Sacred Union Oracle will be published in 2022