SACRED UNION ORACLE - Joseph and Jacob

Joseph and Jacob
Joseph, beloved favorite son of Jacob
Received the gift of a coat of many colors
Sold into slavery by his wrathful siblings
Dreamer and interpreter of dreams
Eventually becomes a powerful advisor to the Pharaoh
Storing grain and saving the people from starvation
Big hearted and compassionate
Forgiving his brothers
Uniting the family and giving sanctuary

Compassion and forgiveness 
Mend hurts caused by jealousy 
Reuniting and restoring loving connections

The Old Testament biblical story of Joseph and Jacob is found in Genesis 37 - 50. It is also found in the Torah and the Qur'an. The story is dated around 1600 - 1700 BCE. It is believed Joseph was second in command to Pharaoh. Historical evidence shows that there was a period of drought at that time, and a canal was built that has always been called Bahr Yusef which means the Waterway of Joseph. Joseph was known as the Righteous One, saving his family from famine by bringing them to Egypt from Canaan (modern day Israel). The patriarch Jacob was also known as Israel. The family's descendants became the twelve tribes of Israel.

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