Bast - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Bast is the Egyptian cat headed Goddess of pleasure, the home and fertility. Domestic cats in Egypt were seen as manifestations of Bast. Cats protect the home from vermin/disease and are very fertile. Bast is a derivative of ba'Aset which means the soul of Isis. Bast was worshiped in orgiastic ceremonies where dancing to the sistrum, a type of a rattle, occurred amongst much drinking and revelry. Bast is a playful, joyous Goddess. The staff she carries has the head of a lotus flower which symbolized the sun, creation and rebirth.

 In my deck "Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action" Bast says:

Shake those rattles, dance and drink
Raise your skirts
I am the cat-headed Goddess Bast
Lighthearted and free
I bring friendship and play
Give comfort and support
Domestic Goddess
I protect your home
Children and women's mysteries

The action is:

Make a celebration in gratitude
For the gifts in your life
Honor the Goddess in revelry

Bast - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

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