Kuan Yin - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Kuan Yin is the Chinese Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion and mercy. Kuan Yin hears the cries of the world and alleviates suffering. She grants every prayer that is asked of her. Kuan Yin protects mothers and children. Kuan Yin can assume both genders - in this depiction Kuan Yin is androgynous.

Many years ago, a neighbour invited me to a Buddhist sangha, the focus of the teaching was Kuan Yin. I found deep peace in chanting to this gentle Goddess. Shortly after the meeting I experienced terrible backache and sciatica. I dreamt that night, that Kuan Yin came to me and told me not to worry and in the morning my pain was gone. I believe Kuan Yin had heard my cries. This visual journal piece tells the story:

Kuan Yin - mixed medium in my visual journal

Over the years I found refuge many times with Kuan Yin. I have made several paintings in honor of her.

Kuan Yin, oil on panel 8" x 8"

Kuan Yin, oil on panel, 26" x 15"

 In my deck "Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action" Kuan Yin says:

I, who hears the weeping of the world
Can change your fate
Save you from physical and spiritual harm
I grant every prayer
With love
Let a new breeze blow through your house
The way is cleared by virtue, as it always was

The action is:

Through sweetness, compassion and kindness
Alleviate the suffering of others

Kuan Yin - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

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