Diana - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Diana is the Roman Goddess of nature, hunting and the crescent moon. She has the power to talk to and control wild animals. She is an archer, accompanied by her beloved hounds. Diana is a virgin Goddess unmarried and whole unto herself. Diana protects and aids childbirth. Diana is known as the Queen of the witches, in particular, the Dianic Cults.

In my deck Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action, Diana says:

Meet me in the wild outdoors
 I am Diana of the sacred woods
 Goddess of nature
 independent and free
I will teach you to talk to animals
 Communicate with the moon
 Aim your sight at the splendor of the world around you
 Gather your energy like the bent bow
 Fly fast and free toward your goal 

The action is:

Focus on what you want 
Use your energy to retrieve it

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