Brigid - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Brigid is the Irish Goddess of inspiration, poetry, the arts, divination, healing and fire. The old celtic Goddess merged with Saint Brigid and they share the feast day on February 1st as both Candlemas, and Imbolc - a pagan cross quarter day. Both Goddess Brigid and Saint Brigid are worshipped at Kildare, where 19 nuns attend the perpetual flame that burns at the convent where Saint Brigid was the abbess around the year 520. The sacred well of Kildare is said to be a source of wisdom and healing. 

Many years ago I attended a ceremony on Imbolc, where we each lit a candle from one that had been ignited at the perpetual flame in Kildare. This candle of mine was charged with the power of Bigid. For years now, I have spread that charge to new candles for myself and others, spreading the inspiration of Brigid. 

Brigid has been an important Goddess for me and has appeared in many visual journals and paintings.

Tarot de St. Croix

Brigid appears in my tarot deck as the Six of Wands. The meaning is: Through the ability to inspire others there is a mutual opening to the divine essence of creativity.

Brigid speaks to you in Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action, saying:

Come Close to my flame
Warm yourself at my hearth
Feel the spark of inspiration
Igniting your creativity
Look deep into my waters
For prophesy and healing
I spread my green mantle over you
For health and fertility
For the quickening of the land
For protection of the new

The Action is:

Feel the spark of inspiration
Ignite your creativity

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