Ganga - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Ganga is both the holy river in India and the Goddess that personifies it. Every year millions of pilgrims make the journey to bathe in her purifying waters. Floating funeral pyres are released into the waters of Ganga who, it is believed, liberates one from the cycle of life and death. Ganga is a living temple. Not only does Ganga give spiritual sustenance but she also provides water and food for millions of people in India.

In 2015 I went to study sacred painting at the headwaters of the river Ganga in Haridwar. Our painting studio on the roof of Johari house overlooked the Ganges. As we painted we could hear chanting from the temple across the river. In the evening we went down to the banks to received puja at the daily sunset ritual of Arti. 

Painting on the roof of Johari House on the banks of Ganga

On my return, the first painting I made using the layered watercolor wash technique I learnt in India was Ganga. It is metaphorical as I depict Ganga holding many babies of every race. She is indeed the Goddess that birthed the idea for creating my Invoking the Goddess deck. JAI MA GANGA.

In my deck Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action, Ganga speaks to you in an oracle
Falling from heaven
 My waters converge into the mighty Ganges
 Linking divinity, nature and humanity
 Drink my life-giving nectar
 Bathe in my sacred river
One drop of my holy water
 Cleanses you of sin
Purifies body and soul
Liberates you

The Action:
Soak in the healing embrace of water
Release tension, worries, and transgressions. 

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