Cucuteni Bird Goddess 
Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Cucuteni Bird Goddess figurines have been found in the ruins of sacred sanctuaries at the heart of many settlements in South Eastern Europe. Bird Goddesses date from the Neolithic period 5500 BCE to 2700 BCE. The Goddesses fuse human and bird forms. They are solar deities that represent the air element. According to some researchers such as Gimbutas, Bird Goddesses bring new life, prosperity and protection. 

Oracle of Bird Goddess:

I am the ancient Mother
The shape-shifter that brings gifts from the sky
Air, sunlight, and rain
I am the giver of life
Weaver of destiny
worship me in your home
I will bring protection and prosperity

The Action is:

Shape- shifter
Embody the spirit of air
Fly across millennia
Connect with the Ancients

Cucuteni Bird Goddess  
Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

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