Isis - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Isis is the Great Goddess from ancient Egypt. Isis is known as the Seat of Wisdom, the Queen of Heaven and the Star of the Sea. The Roman Empire spread the worship of Isis throughout Europe and the Middle East, from England all the way to Afghanistan. Isis is the daughter of Sky Goddess Nut and Earth God Geb. Isis is the Great Mother Goddess of Sun God Horus, and the Queen who empowered the Pharaohs. Her power transcends all other deities. Isis is the great healer, able to resurrect her slain husband Osiris through magic. Isis is the Goddess of destiny, divination, visionary dreams and oracular insight.

Astral Travel,  oil on panel 36" x 24"

Isis has appeared to me in many visions. I travel to visit her in the Upper World nightly, to sit on her lap and receive her love and wisdom. It was Isis who told me to paint the Tarot in a shamanic journey. Isis is The High Priestess in the Tarot de St. Croix, she holds my tarot deck.  

Tarot de St. Croix

I have made many paintings and visual journal pieces about my relationship with Isis.

Me as Isis Priestess in front of a painting of Isis

Visual Journal Page about Isis

Oracle of Isis:

Here, sit upon the throne of my lap
Let me wrap my soft feathers of love around you
Tell me what is in your heart, I will listen
I am your Mother
I am your mother's mother and every mother before
I am Goddess of a thousand names, of a thousand places
I have the ability to resurrect you, to make you whole
To breathe vitality into you
You are empowered
I tell you... miracles happen
Believeit, it is so

The Action is:

You are sovereign in ruling your life
Create your realm with wisdom
Grace, and authority

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