The Norns - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

The Norns - Urd, Verdandi and Skuld are three Goddesses from Norse mythology. They sit beneath mighty sacred tree of life: Yggrasil, weaving the web of fate for all living beings. Urd corresponds to the past, Verdandi, the present and Skuld, the future. The Norns arrive at birth of each newborn to shape it's destiny. Mothers are served Norn porridge shortly after giving birth.

The Norns are very powerful as they even control the fate of the Gods and Goddesses. Every morning they place a rooster at the top of Yggrasil to wake the Gods and Goddesses. They water the roots of Yggrasil, from the well of Fate - Uror, keeping it alive, healthy and green.

In my card the Norns create the Viking rune of Dagaz with their twine. Dagaz  means breakthrough, fruitfulness, and prosperity.

The oracle that the Norns speak:

We Norns, weave your destiny
Urd, your past
Verdandi, what is presently coming into being
Skuld, what shall be
With wise knowing and prophesy
We twine the threads of fate
The Dagaz rune indicates a breakthrough
Awakening your powers of divination

The action to take is:

Use your intuition to guide your actions
Open yourself to messages and synchronicity

The Norns - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

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