Pachamama - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Pachamama is Mother Earth, a fertility Goddess who brings nourishment and sustains life. Pachamama is worshipped by the indigenous people of the South American Andes. She embodies the mountains, rivers and waterfalls, the fields planted and the crops harvested. Pachamama also rules over the spiritual life of her followers. She is a supreme deity. 

Through the spread of Catholicism in the area, Pachamama became synchronised with the Virgin Mary as you can see in this image:

The Virgin of the Mountain 

In my deck "Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action" Pachamama gives this oracle: 

I am the Earth, the ground beneath your feet
Mother Nature
I am the mountains, the tilled fields, the flowing waters
My body sustains life
Harvest is my gift
Take care of your Mother
My wrath is earthquakes, fire, flood, and famine
Connect with me in the wild places
I am your home

The Action Pachamama tells us to do is:

Feel the comfort of being supported by the Earth
Draw strength from that anchoring

Pachamama - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

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