Day of the Dead spread

It is that liminal time of the year, between the active period of growth and the dark sinking deep into the roots. As we prepare ourselves for this transition we can use the thinning of the veil to communicate with our beloveds and ancestors who have passed on. Tarot is a remarkable tool for hearing the voice of wisdom from those who have lived a lifetime. 

I used an image of my mother in this tarot journal entry - the photo itself is very ghostlike but carries the essence of the love and care I still feel from her. As I pulled the cards I called her in to answer my question and I wrote as if I were her, giving me advice. In creating this journal piece I used acrylic paint in the background and as stencil paint, rubber stamp letters, white gel pen and mini images from my deck. 

My question was "What must end?"  I decided to do a familiar three card reading as I wanted to have a clear message. The first card: the signifier represents where I am at this present moment in time. I pulled the Nine of Wands. Yes, I do feel I have travelled a long journey from between the pillars of duality in the Upper World to the reverse pillars at the portal to this world, passed the tree of life, the destruction of that period to the brightest burning passion of creating my deck Tarot de St. Croix. Now, I travel as the Hermit (number nine in the Major arcana) leaning on my staff of wisdom. The second card is the lesson; the Seven of Pentacles. Sevens include the Chariot, they tell me I need to focus on my goals but be wary of bursting them in my haste - to stay balanced. Finally the action I need to take is first to sit with my shadow and learn from my discomfort, my mistakes and then let go of my shame and guilt and rise, the Devil cannot hold me down. 

I read the words of my mother "be the golden girl you are" and it brings tears to my eyes - those are the words she wrote to me from Spain when I was at boarding school in South Africa. Those words have travelled continents and time and transcend this plane of existence. The sun is my birth card, I must shine.