The Devil

I woke up and saw a shaft of light hitting my mother's old "Marseille Tarot". I only use that deck to comunicate with her - she died twenty four years ago. Immediately fear came up - as a child I had been afraid of the Tarot, often pulling The Devil, The Hanged Man, Death. But I felt directed to pull a card. Synchronicity ... I pulled The Devil. I made a contract with myself that I was going to paint whatever card I got.

The Devil - what ancient archetype does it represent? Our inner demons, the hidden parts of ourself we are ashamed of. But it is our shadow that feeds The Devil and we are held down by that energy. If we can face our inner demon, enormous energy is released and darkness becomes light. Lucifer means light bringer.

Fear holds me down and dependence chains me to old dysfunctional stories. But my shadow is also the Buddah - the wise teacher and as I sit with it I realize I can throw off The Devil's hold and move on......