Nine of Pentacles

I am so excited to pull the Nine of Pentacles as the first card to paint in my new project: painting the Tarot Deck. It is the card about a labor of love, solitary, creative and spiritual work. This deep work will be rewarded by a good harvest - material prosperity.

Synchronicity came up when I pulled an extra card and there was Isis with a falcon on her arm. The falcon also appears in the Smith/ Rider/Waite deck. The falcon is a symbol of mastery, of harnessing power to manifest. A year and a half ago I did a shamanic journey to the Upper World and there in a small temple sat Isis - she instructed me to paint the Tarot. She is here with me as a guide.

This card indicates that there will be gain by being in harmony with nature and the elements. Trust the Universe to take care of you, follow what has heart and meaning. It is a card of self- reliance, of pleasure, sensuality and luxury. I am looking at the fruits of my labor - the sunflower symbolizes my soul card "the Sun" - I live up to my fullest potential. I bring beauty and spirit through my art.