When I created this card it was fall and the beautiful aspen trees on Santa Fe mountain were in their prime; golden yellows, oranges, and reds vibrated against the brilliant blue New Mexican skies. Just being up there amongst this beauty made one feel in love with the world. 

The Lover's card is about transcending the personal, in the divine act of union. The energy created by love and the physical act of love is the creative force made manifest. Tapping into this energy creates the possibility of life, of connecting with the divine and also a powerful tool for magic. At the moment of climax, prayers sent out will be fertilized. 

In this card the green man meets his compliment the glowing fiery energy of a woman in her prime. The figures are entwined becoming one; a living, growing beautiful part of nature. The golden aspen leaves twirl down surrounding the lovers with vibrating energy. The eyes on the aspens signify the wisdom of nature: that this act is sacred and powerful and pure. The figures float against a brilliant blue sky signifying the expansiveness of love.

Meaning: Love can inspire us to grow beyond our usual boundaries and become divine creators. Choose what to do with the energy created by the union of the Lovers.