Six of Swords

Expansion of the mind is the message of the Six of Swords. Clarity about a problem that has been causing you turmoil, moves you into a more positive frame of mind. The sixes in tarot relate to The Lover, the sixth card of the major arcana, there is some-one helping you move away from the challenges of the fives.

The boat is a symbol for a journey in consciousness. The figurehead is a kind of an angel guiding you out of the dark dungeons of your mind, toward a golden outcome. The young man sees the light, raising his hands in joy. Behind him sits an old woman who has not yet recognized the transition.

I had been feeling stuck, obsessing over a problem. Finally I just let go, deciding to just go with the flow, literally handing it over to the angels. Today as I write this I have left my negative thinking behind and have entered a shining sea of possibility.