Kali  - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Kali, the fierce Indian Goddess - the Divine Ma, is the protector who delivers liberation from our inner demons. She removes complex problems and destroys evil forces.  

Truth is I have always been a little afraid of Kali with her necklace of skulls and vivid red tongue sticking out. And yet, I have also been drawn to her, knowing that the dark mother is needed for balance.  

This is the first painting I made of Kali years ago, shortly after a trip to India where I visited a Kali temple. 

Kali - oil on panel 19" x 11

I painted this Kali as part of a series on Deities in 2008.

Kali, oil on board 8" x 8"

From the deck "Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action"  Kali speaks to us saying:

Feed me your anger
Your complex problems
That which you need to end
Give me your dark thoughts
I will use them righteously
I am the dark Mother
Dancing the dance of death and destruction
Destroying evil forces
I am the protector that delivers liberation

The action to take is:

Allow your anger to liberate you
Put an end to that which no longer serves

 Kali - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

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