Green Tara - Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action

Green Tara is the Buddhist female bodhisattva - the Goddess of compassion in action. Green Tara helps us overcome fear and anxiety, she moves us away from danger to safety, from suffering to happiness. She sits on a lotus with one leg extended, ready to rush to our aid. Green Tara holds in her hand a blue lotus, a symbol of power and purity, her other hand makes the mudra of granting requests. By reciting Green Tara's mantra OM TARA TU TARE TURE SOHA we not only receive her blessing and protection, we benefit all beings.

In 2004 I received a Green Tara initiation at the Zuni Mountain Stupa by Tulku Orgyen. It was a profound moment in my life that has benefited me greatly. I made this visual journal entry shortly after receiving the initiation. On the lower right is a note from Tulku acknowledging my connection with Green Tara. 

Many a time over the years I have recited Green Tara's mantra which relieves my fear and calms me. Tulku Orgyen blessed a pendant of Green Tara that I wear when I need Green Tara's protection. Recently when I was creating my Goddess deck I received some upsetting news that threw me into a panic attack. When I was able to get up off the floor, I put on the pendant which hangs at the level of my heart, the green chakra and began to recite the mantra over and over. Within minutes I felt a profound calm, and was able to think clearly. 

In my deck: Invoking the Goddess Oracle and Action, Green Tara speaks to you saying:

 Call on me with heartfelt devotion
I am compassion in action
 I rush to your aid 
Ready to deliver you from danger, fear and anxiety
 Releasing suffering, removing obstacles
 I am the Mother of liberation
 Enlightenment in female form.
 I grant your supplication

The action is:

Open your heart in loving kindness
Take action
For the best possible outcome

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