The World card in tarot is the culmination of the archetypal journey of the soul. We come into wholeness when we are self-realized, when we understand our divine origin and are at one with the world.

Plato says: This world is indeed a loving being, endowed with a soul and intelligence... a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related.

The 15th century alchemists also believed the world was a living soul and named it Anima Mundi. In alchemy the miracle of self-realization is the harmonious union of earthly and heavenly truth. This was called squaring the circle.

In my World card Anima Mundi has one foot on the earth, one on the water, with the sun shining from her womb and the new and full moon at her breasts. Four creatures, elements, constellations form a square around Anima Mundi. The eagle - water - Aquila represents emotional mastery and resurrection from death. The lion - fire - Leo is spirit and creation. The bull - earth -  Taurus gives substance, stability and perseverance and the angel is truth, knowledge and ideal relationship.

Today on Earth day, we need to identify ourselves with the World, to see how we are linked. Our own well being is dependent on the well being of this World we are part of.