Five of Swords

It kind of broke my heart to paint this one. Mental conflict, power tripping and victimization are some of the key words associated with this card. The little boy had done something naughty with his sword, perhaps lopped off the heads of some flowers? But what is occurring in this painting is much bigger than his action. He has become a pawn, cornered in a situation between his parents. The father yells while the mother silently and tearfully throws silent swords at her husband. There is no victory in a situation like this. Maybe the boundaries are so set that there is no way out; the high walls give a feeling of being trapped.
There is wisdom to be gained from this difficult card which leads to spiritual growth. In a reading, this card means you need to examine how you deal with conflict and to be aware of others sensitivity. It is never too late to heal old wounds, apologize and forgive.