Eight of Wands

Eights in the Tarot are about taking action. The wands are about energy and life force. I used eight Penstemon stalks as my wands, they have been flowering non -stop since spring. The plant buzzes with life;  hummingbirds insert their long slender beaks into the tiny flowers to drink the nectar and an orgy of bees rub up against stamen, emerging drunk with pollen. Yes, this is a lesson about the birds and the bees but not what you think.

 I have been dismayed at the news of massive colonies of bees dying, this is deadly news for our planet, for our food systems. What action can we put our energy into to stop this. I have signed many a petition calling for the ban on pesticides, I have given up eating food that is related to Monsanto, eating almost completely organic. If we collectively make a buzz, swarm and show our solidarity around this issue perhaps we can make a difference.