A month ago - on the new moon, my heart was broken. A seven year relationship ended abruptly without warning. At first I was in total shock but as I realized it was real, the trauma of having a loving connection ripped from me became a vast sea of emotion. There is something very profound about being so swamped by feeling, I feel surrounded by spirit.  This is the month of Pisces, my birth sign and Neptune pulls me into his watery depths. As I dive deep into the pain, I see that what I had thought was a happy relationship was really an illusion. There was so much more hidden under the surface.

In this card the waterlilies blooming under a new moon are really the top of two columns that appear in my High Priestess card. It is a portal into initiation. Is the full moon a reflection or an illusion, just an empty bubble? Bewildered, I travel through the underworld searching for understanding. However, instinctively I know that this is a threshold into a new life and as the moon wanes, so it will wax.

The Moon is the card of mystery, of the tides of emotions. If we allow our intuition to guide us we will find a way through the dark night of the soul and that the reflection of the sun will once again illuminate The Moon.