Seven of Pentacles

The time has come to evaluate what it is one is striving for. The goals are clearly in sight and almost within reach. What effort needs to be taken to move into this final phase. Like the leopard an assesment of the situation is needed before that last powerful burst of energy is unleashed. 

In my own life I am well into this big project of creating a tarot deck. It now has a life of its own and there is a sense of spiritual awareness that something much larger is happening. A number of situations have come to me that help me discern what is best for my work. I have questioned whether to leap at every opportunity offered or to wait for the choicest? I observe how grasping for attention can backfire, clawing bursts the dreams. Leopard medicine teaches trusting ones instincts and leaping over obstacles gracefully. Now, I am simply watching this deck mature as I create.