The Sun

I was excited when Jude Alexander of The Tarot game asked me to paint The Sun as my next card. The Sun is a special for both of us as it was the first tarot card she ever saw and it is my birth card. Our creative collaboration fills me with optimism. When I began to paint The Sun I noticed synchronicities everywhere; in my garden masses of sunflowers bloomed and I felt at one with source energy. I had a sunny meeting with my ex who also happens to be a Sun. We were married 22 years ago today. When I was interviewed for a documentary I felt I radiated creativity and joy.

But then things turned; I had a falling out with my beloved and realized that all I projected was not light but sometimes a rather strong shadow. I felt that old familiar self doubt clouding my
confidence. I thought I had finished The Sun but I realized that it lacked power. I went outside and stood facing the sun - it blinded me with it's brightness, when I came in I noticed my large painting "19, 10, 1" based on my birth cards and I knew what I needed to do: make the figure a silhouette. Show that the shining self also has a shadow side. I think this card is about the wholeness of ourselves in nature - that symbiotic union of our brilliance and our humility.