Nine of Cups

 Shortly after moving into my new home I did a ritual to welcome angels. I lit a white candle and placed a piece of paper underneath where I had written my wishes. Every day for a week when I lit the candle I felt their presence and when I pulled the next tarot card to paint and got the nine of cups - the hairs rose up on my arms as it means wish fulfillment. I quickly made a sketch of the angels filling my cup but it took me a while to begin the painting as I was so busy unpacking, creating my new space and hosting a family reunion.

Finally last week I began to work on the painting and I realized that most of my wishes had indeed come true. My house truly felt blessed, we had a happy family reunion and I had loving connections. However it was hard to get back into painting after a couple months break - my painting felt flat.  As I painted the angels I gave thanks for the wishes granted and requested something to keep me motivated and inspired as I continue working on this deck. The following day I received a proposal for nine more cards to be featured on Jude Alexander's Tarot Game and my painting sprang to life - the energy was there .... wish fulfillment.