One evening sitting at dinner I told my son Simon that I had found the gallery I thought I wanted to represent me, I had fallen in love with the space. He told me to: "just go in and talk to them". It sounded so simple but I had heaps of old baggage weighing me down. However, I decided to act on his advice. The owner was very friendly and gave me the director's phone number. Again my fear made me procrastinate and a few weeks passed. But I kept seeing my paintings hanging in that gallery - something in my heart really wanted this. With some more prodding by my seventeen year old I phoned and spoke to the director Allen. We had a good conversation and he told me to send my website. A week passed and one late afternoon I got a text from Simon - "mom, I went to that gallery and the director likes your paintings and wants to make a studio visit." I was thrilled and marveled at his ease and diplomacy.

I was painting the Knight of Cups, which I had pulled a couple weeks before when I realized the meaning. That I could learn from Knight Simon to act from what my heart was telling me, follow the dream and let go of my fear. It had been ten days since Simon's text and it was Equinox and the full moon that night. A good day to go on a quest so I wrapped up my nine finished Tarot paintings in a swath of satin and went in to the gallery. I spent an hour showing Allen my work and talking about Tarot and he asked if he could visit my studio that afternoon. It was a day out of time I felt the flow of my dream happening.

The same day Simon went into the gallery he met Annabelle and fell in love.