Tarot de St. Croix is a deck of 78 cards 3" x 4.5". The printing is excellent quality with rich color and crisp details. The deck comes in a sturdy two piece box with a 100 page booklet of meanings and tarot spreads.

USA $44 + $9 Shipping

International $44 + $26 shipping

Invoking the Goddess is a deck of thirty-three Goddesses, with the Goddess image on the one side and an oracle and action from the Goddess on the other side. The round cards are 4.4" in diameter with an eggshell finish and housed in a round box. 

$39 + USA shipping $5

$39 + International shipping $14

de St. Croix Lenormand is a contemporary deck that offers a new look at a 200 year old divination system, that provides answers to your questions through 36 oracular symbols and cartomancy. The cards are 2.25" x 3.5" printed on glossy card stock. They come with an instructional sheet housed in a crystal box.

 USA  $33 + $4 Shipping

International $33 + $14 Shipping

Readings with my Tarot, Goddess and Lenormand decks in person, email, skype,WhatsApp or phone are available upon request. Contact me at 

Twenty two minute reading $44 

Forty Four minute reading $88


Prints can be made from any of the original paintings from my three decks. Prints are archival, signed and numbered on  heavy watercolor paper. 

5" x 5"       $25
5" x 8"       $35
8" x 8"       $60
7″ x 12″     $75
11″ x 18″   $150
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