Third Edition of de St. Croix Lenormand

The third edition of de St. Croix Lenormand is here. In this latest edition, I have added an extra man and woman to the deck to be to be inclusive of all love relationships.This contemporary look at Lenormand, which originated in Europe over two hundred year ago, offers answers and insight. The four cartomancy symbols at the bottom right can answer yes no questions. I use the deck for a weekly reading and a daily reading. In the weekly reading I pick three cards and make an oracular sentence for myself. The daily card is usually what my day will look like. At the end of the week and day, I check in and I have to say this little deck is astoundingly accurate. 

The 38 medium weight cards have a lovely matte finish over the vibrant colors, more true in look and feel to the original watercolors. The deck is housed in a clear box. A list of meanings are printed on cards. The deck is $33 visit this link to purchase.