2019 has two year cards:  XII HANGED MAN  and III EMPRESS. The cards are determined by adding the digits 2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3. So what does that mean for us collectively as a human race?

The Hanged Man is a card of seeing the world through a different lens. How entrenched we have become in our ideas of right and wrong. There has been a great separation of humanity because of this mindset. Self-righteousness has become the wall that separates us. But a great shift is about to happen and we may all see things from a different viewpoint. This Hanged Man, is in an upside down yogic tree position. A pose of grace and balance. It is almost as if the Hanged Man is empty space or a window into the vastness of the cosmos. There is a new moon on the forehead indicating a new way of thinking and a starburst over the heart that indicates an opening. The full moon behind the Hanged Man's head creates a halo. This is a card of transcendence. If we open ourselves and surrender we may be able to shift the world.

The Empress is the card of abundance, creativity and beauty. The Empress is loving and nurturing. Here you see a Japanese Goddess leading her child around a garden filled with flowers, blossoms and the bluebird of happiness. This gentle and esthetic card points the way toward celebrating the feminine in the next year. How we need that in this time of hurt and healing between the sexes.