A series of amazing synchronicities led me to create this painting. I surrender to these messages even when I do not fully understand why I am being led to create images for a particular card. Later as I work on the painting I begin to understand what the message is. Synchronicity is my guide and I have learnt to trust it.

The Four of Wands is a card of spiritual structure - of ritual. The four magically flaming wands light the four paths we might take at the crossroads. The choice is ours.  One path leads to the full moon, another toward the standing stones where rituals and celebrations take place. The road behind is where we come from; our history. The path to the left is the unknown. The horse represents power, vitality and the ability to achieve goals. Epona who is both the rider and the horse is the symbiosis of desire and action. The Celtic Horse Goddess Epona was believed to be seen fleeing the sun's first rays at a crossroad lit by four fires. Epona was worshipped from Britain to Italy and Irish kings were symbolically mated with her until the 11th century. She represents independence, vitality, intuition and plenty.