Tarot Visual Journaling is a creative exploration into tarot through art play and journal writing. Tap into your own deep well of wisdom and discover new personal insights while learning the meaning and symbolism behind the cards. These workshops are for both the beginner and advanced students of art and tarot. 

Lisa opened the dream of the tarot for me while lighting the path for my own creativity to interplay within the deep well of the tarot's symbolism. Working with Lisa is a beautiful experience. Pam Bailey  


The eWorkshops are designed for those who wish to create in their own space, at their own pace. There is no time limit and these workshops are not live.  Each workshop has a project with tarot teachings, art tips and journaling prompts. There are written instructions and a downloadable PDF of the class. Series 1 through 5 have instructional videos as well. There is an opportunity to share your finished piece and enjoy discussion on our Facebook group.

eWorkshop 06 - THE EMPRESS' FEAST 

As the holidays and holy days approach, many of us gather with family and friends to share a holiday meal. Feasting has long been a ritual of celebration and thanksgiving. In this workshop we will work with the energy of The Empress and her court (the court cards) as well as courses in a feast. Sometimes our holiday feasts can be tense, with difficult family dynamics and rigid old patterns. If this sounds familiar you can use this spread as a blueprint to help you navigate your feasts more smoothly. The spread gives insight on how to stimulate conversation and connection. $14

eWorkshop 05 - MAKING PEACE WITH ENDINGS - The Death Card

This is one of the more troubling cards in the tarot deck, hardly anyone likes to see it in a spread. Yet, it is an important card, one that deserves attention. Some-times we need to be reminded that something has finished or needs to end. Often we hopelessly cling to things that no longer serve us. The Death card is here to help us with this transition. In this workshop we will discover how to make peace with endings and in the process we will experience transformation.

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eWorkshop 04 - BRINGING BACK BALANCE - The Twos in Tarot

In this workshop you will be in sacred partnership with the tarot, divining how to bring balance back into your life by creating and writing. You will be working with The Twos in Tarot

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eWorkshop 03 - BECOMING THE STAR

In this workshop you will ignite the ability to become the Star in your own life and how you can make your wishes come true. There is a tarot spread to divine the cards that will bring guidance from the heavens. An art project and journaling prompts  are included.  

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The moon has a powerful effect on nature and on our emotions. In this eWorkshop we will explore the Moon card in tarot and be doing a special spread calling down the moon. Creating art and writing about how we relate to the moon will give us insight on how we can harness the energy of the moon.
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eWorkshop 01 -  JOURNEY TO THE SUN

The Sun is one of the most positive, life affirming cards in the tarot. In this eWorkshop we will be harnessing the energy of the Sun. On a journey to the Sun we will become our shining selves and discover how to radiate our light into this world.
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The Fool is both the beginning and the end of the archetypical journey of the soul through the major arcana. In this eWorkshop we will be working with our own inner Fool - the one who is open and trusting and ready for the adventure. We will be making a treasure map using the cards we pull in the Fool's spread.
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eWorkshop 1 - Archetypes in the Major Arcana. 

There are many ways to explore which tarot cards relate to you. You might automatically identify with certain cards because you share characteristics with them. The Major Arcana specifically identifies twenty two archetypes. In this workshop we will work with three aspects that are present within you, finding the cards that represent those qualities and then give voice to those archetypes.

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Workshop 2 - Connecting with our Ancestors
This workshop is a deep and soulful way to connect with your beloved dead. Using tarot and the creative process you will have the opportunity to experience the essence of your ancestors and respond to them. $14

Workshop 3 - Wheel of the Year

Using the rhythms of nature and the solar calendar we will set our intention and divine how to manifest our goals through art, tarot and journaling. Ideally this workshop should be started between the Winter Solstice and Imbolc. $14

eWorkshop 4 - Relationships

Relationships are the questions most asked of tarot. In this eWorkshop we will be looking at an important relationship in our lives, whether it is with a beloved, some-one we struggle with or even ourselves. I will offer a spread which will help to find clarity and insight and share an art project which will tap into a creative, intuitive way of processing these matters of the heart.

eWorkshop 5: Balancing mind, body and spirit

Using the swords, pentacles and wands in tarot, we will receive guidance on how to balance our mind, body and spirit. We will create a visual journal piece that will bring together our wisdom and creativity in this soulful project. Register below and receive your eWorkshop on  Spring Equinox. $14