Fish - de St. Croix Lenormand

Fish in Lenormand stands for abundance, flow, sensitivity and income.

A week before leaving for The Readers Studio in New York, the worlds largest conference of Tarot readers, where I was to present my recently published Lenormand deck for the first time, I discovered the Fish card was mistitled Book. I was bereft, but thought I might just try reprinting the Fish card. In four days, to my astonishment and delight, Printers Studio delivered the corrected Fish card. 

I left for New York with my suitcase filled with decks and I was thrilled to sell out. What was surprising is that everyone wanted both Fish cards (the correct one and the Fish with the Book title) - apparently it is considered a collectors item. Now, some of the leading tarot/lenormand readers are now using my little deck. Being a Pisces I have always considered fish as good luck.