de St. Croix Lenormand

I have been hard at work the past nine months creating the de St. Croix Lenormand deck. I have just self published a small first edition of 100 decks - April 2017. The cards are bridge size 2.25" x 3.5" on glossy card stock. They come with an instructional sheet in a tuck box.

The Lenormand is a two hundred year old divination system that comes from Europe. The original deck came from the German Game of Hope, created by Johann Kaspar Hechtel in 1799. The deck became associated and named after Madam Lenormand who was famous diviner in France in the the early 1800's reading for Empress Josephine (Napoleon's wife) as well as other important people. Lenormand decks are gaining popularity with Tarot readers and deck creators.

The thirty six symbols are easy to understand and can answer questions.  I used Carrie Paris' The Lenormand Revolution deck and later her Sirens' Song Lenormand to divine which card to paint. I used a watercolor technique I learn in India at a Sacred Painting course at the Johari House in 2015. As I worked on the cards I once again experienced numinous synchronicity. The image I was painting aligning with events in my life. I will be sharing these stories in later blog posts.